Our Vision

LTT's Rapid Inflatable Pneumatic integrated tourniquet (RIP IT) is a complete redesign of tourniquets currently in use. A uniform integrated tourniquet for uniformed personnel will greatly increase hemorrhage control time and allow for single hand activation. We aim to increase patient comfort and reduce long term tissue damage through the use of a wide band pneumatic design. Timeline for our stand alone product is set for 2024 and the uniform integrated tourniquet for 2025.

Andrew Davidson

Andrew is a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, combat diver and CEO of Long Tab Technologies. With over 4 years of combat deployments and treating 100s of casualties he realized the need for a better tourniquet. With a bachelors degree in biological science from Arizona State University, he created the concept of a uniform integrated tourniquet system.

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Scott Brown

LTT's Chief Operating Officer spent the last 13 years of his life serving in Army Special Forces as a combat diver. Now retired, he owns and manages 3 other small businesses and a non profit focusing on helping veterans and active duty communities.

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